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It is an overstatement to say that all the people are lazy, but it can’t be denied the fact that we love to be comfortable all the time and to have little tricks to help us with that. We cannot compare ourselves with the prehistoric men, but we can say that all the things surrounding us evolved too, so that now we can stay comfortably in the armchair in front of the TV, eating a pizza, drinking a soda, while everything else works for us. But what are the highest extravagances that we use, or not, today?

Let’s start with the self defense products which are very useful and nobody can argue with that, except for the aggressors who have the luck of knowing them more intimately. These products are mostly used by the women against those who forget we live in a civilized world. A pepper spray disguised into a lipstick, a stun gun that looks like a cell phone or a folded knife is just some of the things a woman should carry in her purse. It would actually be quite fun to see an alpha male put down by a lipstick, just because he couldn’t keep his hands to himself, and he would probably think about it the next time he feels the urge to assault a defenseless person.

The next helper around the house is useful for anybody, especially in a household with kids or elderly people. There are many medical alert systems available, so that whenever there is an emergency in the house, like a broken leg or a bleeding cut, a direct line can be accessed with an emergency team. This way, you will not have to search for the telephone to call, and then search desperately for the charger, and then to not catch an open line with the emergency room. A single button pushed, and the emergency will be covered right away.

Have you ever wanted to mix some pictures of your friends or family, with a certain song, to make a collage that looks just like a music video, or why not, even a movie with the wrong sound? If so, have no fear, for a video switcher has been invented, so you can make fun of all your friends by posting embarrassing movie clips with them on the social networks. You might want to change your phone number and address, though.

The last extravagance belongs to your dog and it is called the electronic dog fence. There aren’t many explanations needed, for the term speaks for itself. This is perfect for the laziest of the people who are tired of running after their dog. Or, of course, it could be used to prevent the dog from running from home. Either way, it is a modern trick to make our lives comfortable, and for that we ought to thank the twisted mind who decided that electrocuting dogs helps them be more obedient.


We all know that the world is not safe. You can read the newspaper almost anywhere there are crimes being committed. Security is now a top priority for everyone. Even in the premises of their homes, can not be excluded from the perils of robbers, thieves, murderers, psychotic and so on. outdoor security cameras

Living in fear paralyzes us to live a good life. It is a necessity for all people to invest in their safety and do everything possible to assist in the removal of these criminals off the streets.

Systems outdoor security cameras are being installed in many homes because it has come to the understanding of many of the security is very important. There is a wide range of models to choose from. Outdoor wireless systems, security cameras have helped in making many families feel safe. Wireless camera systems are easier to install. If you put the camera in the right spot, you can easily detect the curve and immediately call the police.

The disadvantage of wireless outdoor security cameras is that they have a limited range. It is well suited for small and medium properties. To protect a huge property, there is a need to acquire new outdoor camera systems. zmodo security cameras

One of the advantages to be obtained from the systems outdoor security cameras, especially with the wireless system is very flexible. Easy to install and reinstall. By contrast, the wiring systems outdoor security cameras are best when installed in places where extreme vigilance is required and tight. outdoor security cameras

Zmodo cameras and systems outdoor security cameras are expensive. That is why it is considered as an investment. But you can always install also some fake security systems outdoors, they actually look almost the same as a real camera. The thieves never try to get home. They panic and run away if you see one of those cameras fictitious.

You can sleep well at night without fear and paranoia because these systems outdoor security camera do the heavy lifting in detecting anything suspicious. That can cost you a fee to purchase and install these safety devices, but worth it for you and your loved ones safe. Investing in the decision to install a security camera is really worth it. Having a security camera system installed outdoors in front of your lawn and all his property gets a big sigh of relief. outdoor cameras

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